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“Santa Claus is not real,” announced a little girl in my class last week.  “It’s grandmas and grandpas who bring all the gifts. My mom told me.” I looked up from what I was doing, horrified. The class considered her … Continue reading

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Making Amends

I was on the playground last week when I noticed a little girl – “V” – sitting by herself looking despondent.  This is a child who is very empathetic to others and quite sensitive, but self assured and rarely phased … Continue reading

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Not all Hearts and Roses

A friend confessed to me yesterday that he thought my last blog entry was “fluffy”.   He told me that I was beginning to sound like teaching was all hearts and roses and he intuited that I was missing an opportunity … Continue reading

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Diversity of Thought in the Classroom

A couple of weeks ago, I attended TedX BeaconStreet, a conference that touts a who’s who list of the most brilliant speakers in technology, entertainment, and design. ,  The parent company, Ted, ( has a tagline that reads:  “Ideas Worth … Continue reading


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